What Is An Embedded Network

Embedded Electrical Network

An Embedded Electrical Network, as it pertains to multi-level high rise developments, is the electrical infrastructure implemented that enables a building to leverage the volume of electricity it consumes as a whole to purchase bulk discounted electricity. So rather than each individual resident and the owners corporation negotiating their own individual arrangements with various electricity retailers all the residents and the owners corporation can bundle their purchasing power to obtain electricity at significant discount to what they could achieve separately.

Why an Embedded Electricity Network works?

Embedded Electrical Networks work because they enable the purchase of electricity on behalf of residents and owners corporations at cheaper rates rather than otherwise be applicable to individuals. These discounts are achieved through the
erosion of the traditional retailers, like Origin and Energy Australia, exhaustive margins by lessening their bargaining power in electricity contract negotiations. The discounted rates that can be achieved are between 10% and 12% for residents
These rates are based on actual not estimated meter reads and do not require extended term contracts, direct debit arrangements or ‘pay on time’ arrangements. Whilst residents of buildings with Embedded Electrical Networks benefit of a lower electricity rate they are still free to choose whichever retailer they wish should they wish to replace their meter to a child meter.

Benefits for the Owners Corporation

  • Owners Corporation will receive a reduced tariff on the supply of electricity to the public light and power.
  • Owners Corporation will received quarterly additional financial reports and arrears /debt reports.