Landlords Instructions

  • It is a requirement of the Residential Tenancies ACT 1997 that all tenants are provided with a statement detailing whether or not the agent can carry out urgent repairs on behalf of the owner and if so, up to what amount. The mandatory limit for urgent repairs that can be directly organised by the tenant is $1000.00. We will always attempt to contact you when any repairs are reported, incase of an urgent repair and we are unable to contact you we will arrange for the work to be carried out by one of our qualified tradesman.

    In the event that we no longer collect rent on your behalf and there are pending invoices on the property, the creditors will be provided with your address and telephone numbers in order to pursue payment of the invoice/s.


    I agree to indemnify Prestige Strata and Property Solutions for any claims made for unpaid repairs, maintenance and accounts authorised in accordance with my instructions. I agree to fully reimburse any accounts owed on the property.


    I authorise Prestige Strata and Property Solutions to make any claims on my behalf for the return bond monies, repairs, maintenance, cleaning etc. as required.


    I authorise Prestige Strata and Property Solutions to disburse the following accounts from the monthly rent collected
  • We will do our best to assist tenants in connecting and disconnecting their utilities at the property. However Prestige Strata and Property Solutions do not take responsibility to connect or disconnect any utilities to the property. Should you receive any accounts that are the tenants responsibility please sent them to the office for adjustment.


    The Authority to Lease and Manage your property included with this document authorises us to sign all tenancy agreements on your behalf. We will also sign the Bond Lodgement Form on your behalf prior to lodging it with the RTBA. By signing this instructions form you are authorising us to select tenants, collect rents due, issue receipts for monies collected, exercise your right to terminate tenancy agreements and tenancies in accordance with the provisions of the Residential Tenancies Act, serve relevant notices upon tenants subject to this ACT and attend Tribunal hearings on your behalf.